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Dr. Wendy Choo

Wendy Choo recently completed her doctoral studies at the University of Auckland. She holds a Master of Education (Curriculum and Teaching) and a Master of International Studies, both of which proved to be fundamental to her PhD work on citizenship in Myanmar. Her PhD seeks to understand young Myanmar citizens’ citizenship and investigates how Myanmar citizenship is produced. It takes a broad view of education and examines the educative process of citizens beyond formal schooling. Wendy was a history teacher in Singapore for 8 years and spent two years in the Singapore Ministry of Education focusing on in-service teacher professional development. She also worked as an English teacher to government officials in Lao PDR for six months prior to her studies in New Zealand and really enjoyed the experience of working in Southeast Asia, a region that she studied and taught as part of history education in Singapore. She has been working with a Yangon-based NGO Teach for ASEAN since 2017 to develop training programmes for the youth volunteers and the English curriculum for T4A's beneficiaries.




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